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The Petroleum and Natural Gas sector is one of the core industries in the world and plays a major role in influencing decision-making for all the other important sections of the economy. The Petroleum and Natural Gas industry perpetually seems rife with uncertainty and a potential volatility. Between rising and diminishing consumer demand, price fluctuations, and of course, geopolitical issues where one global supplier or another threatens to cut off supplies, every day holds surprises and risks. As we are moving into the future, many oil and gas (O&G) researchers are looking to reinvent themselves by practicing capital discipline, focusing on financial health, committing to climate change, and transforming business models. The journey of transformation has just begun for the industry, and simply managing or riding oil price cycles aren’t options anymore. Hence, this Journal will stand as a platform to publish articles, reviews, opinions, commentaries that focuses on economic, environmental, management, and safety issues related to petroleum & natural gas  production, processing, and transportation

The objective of Journal of Petroleum & Natural Gas Operations and Business is to report cutting-edge academic research in the field of petroleum and natural gas, present the development trends of engineering technology, and promote the progress of engineering technology with theoretical research results along with the full range of topics in Petroleum and Natural gas Businesses studies

Articles must therefore pose and test a significant hypothesis that will provide novel perspectives and approaches to understand petroleum/natural gas operations/ businesses studies that will stimulate the interest of the broad readership of the journal.

JPNGOB covers all fields of the petroleum and Natural gas industry from upstream to downstream, including geological research, geophysical exploration, gas recovery, drilling engineering, gas processing and utilization, gas storage and transportation, QHSE management, marketing, and the economy. 

Topics related to Petroleum operations and Business include:

Reservoir characterization and modeling,

Production Engineering, Formation Evaluation,

Reservoir Management, Petroleum Geology,

Enhanced Recovery,




Oil and Gas Economics and Management,

Energy management and Engineering,

Topics related to Natural gas operations and Business include:

The Origin and Accumulation of Natural Gas;

Natural Gas Geochemistry;

Geophysical Exploration;

Well Logging,

Testing, and Evaluation;

Mathematical Modelling;

Thermodynamics and Phase Behaviour;

Gas-Reservoir Modelling and Simulation;

Natural Gas Production Engineering;

Subsurface Issues Related to Coalbed Methane,

Long-Distance Pipelines;

Digital Technologies Applied in Gas Fields;

Gas Processing/LNG/CNG Technologies;

Natural Gas Pricing and Marketing.  

The quarterly Journal of Petroleum & Natural Gas Operations and Business also focuses on economic, environmental, management, and safety issues related to petroleum & natural gas  production, processing, and transportation. 

Research articles, case studies, field progress reports, conference proceedings, and review articles will be accepted, especially those presenting a forward view of the selected topic, novel research, instructive value, and technical practicality for field practices.

Considering the importance of aviation management in the airline operations, there will be numerous interesting topics to be studied in advance. In this Journal, we invite all papers that are related to aviation management and the airline operations. The authors contribution to this topic will not only be significant to this Journal, but also for future developments in the aviation management and airline operations.

Journal of Petroleum & Natural Gas Operations and Business is an open access scientific journal. The aim of JPNGOB is to publish theoretical and empirical articles aimed to contrast, extend and build scientific knowledge that contributes to advance our understanding of Oil and Gas, Petroleum operations.

The contributions can adopt confirmatory (quantitative) or explanatory (mainly qualitative) methodological approaches. Theoretical essays that enhance the building or extension of theoretical approaches are also welcome. JPNGOB selects the articles to be published with a double bind, peer review system, following the practices of good scholarly journals. JPNGOB is published quarterly exclusively on-line, and following an open access policy. On-line publication allows to reduce publishing costs, and to make more agile the process of reviewing and edition. JPNGOB defends that open access publishing fosters the advance of scientific knowledge, making it available to everyone.

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